People who reblog your original pictures but erase your captions are jerks.


July, 1969.

I love this photo so much. As I said, if I find a way and Tumblr finally allows me to post pictures normally, I’ll post it how I originally scanned it. WAY bigger.


January, 1966.


Cyn photographed by John /// January, 1966.

I think the real tragedy here is that a sex list was made public and Paul McCartney wasn’t on it.

so @cseisler and @phantompoohbear think I talk about @paulmccartney too much and made this jar in retaliation. Every time I mention his name I have to put a quarter in this thing. At this rate,I’ll be broke by tomorrow. #thepauljar #paulmccartney

NYC means never having to look too far for a @thebeatles reference. #sidewalktruths #thebeatles #nyc (at 57th Street & 9th Ave)